TV Stories


With my 2 Year Diploma at Lethbridge College completed, I was lucky enough to experience the many different

aspects of television news, here is a demo reel of the work I have done, and the experience that I have obtained

throughout my time in the Broadcast Journalism program.


This is a News story I did about the Groves Family Christmas Display.

The story was very personal and touching and was by far the most informative and emotional story i’ve had the

opportunity to shoot. It was an honour getting to do a story on this family and hopefully create an awareness of Autism within children.


I did this peice on the ‘Be Fit For Life’ Program. This program is offered at Lethbridge College to help shape students

and factulties future’s into healthier ones. This story was important to me as it adressed social issue’s such as health

within students but on a local level.


This was a story I did on how creativity helps to mould students education at younger ages. I did this story because I

feel creativity is a vital component in the academic learning system and I believe many youth should have more

opportunities to explore their creative sides within the boundaries of their schools


For this story I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a mock disaster at Lethbridge College. At this Mock ‘car

crash’ I got to learn the realities of the media’s job at traumatic and emergency scene’s. This is a piece I did that

followed EMT students also participating in this mock disaster.


This story was based around an environmentally friendly system thats offered at Lethbridge College, I did this story

as I wanted to create an awareness to the efforts made by the college to keep the environment as healthy as possible,

And also to educate the general public about some of the measures that can be taken to keep the environment in

better standings.


This is a Piece I did on unmanned Ariel vehichle’s and how they are used to help within many industries of todays

workforce. It was a story that was outside of my comfort zone and I’m pleased with taking a risk and branching out to

learn and report about new and interesting topics such as this.


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