The Hidden Cure

This was a story generation that I wrote whilst in my studies of journalism. This story generation approached the contraversial topic of marijuana as a medicine. I chose to focus my efforts on the positive effects of marijuana for cancer patients and searched the internet for evidence to reference as well as contacting two people who had experienced marijuana whilst battling cancer. This piece is my proposed story idea for an article on medical marijuana.

Let us Live

The Hidden Cure

by, Demi Knight

 It’s a routine trip to the doctor’s office, it’s a small lump, a tickle, or a pain. Its feeling tired or drained, and you need an answer, some re-assurance from a medical professional that it’s normal, that nothing out the ordinary is occurring below the skin.

However states 2 out of 5 people in Canada do not get this re-assurance, that 41% of these people may die from the disease.

Cancer is a development in this society that sickens the lives of many. It leaves mass destruction in its wake. Torture and endless pain and it results in grief and sickness and ultimately death.

So why do we stand by and let this happen? Why is it that the professional medical institutions seem to follow the same outdated procedure even with these below acceptable results? Why are other options such as herbal remedies continually overlooked?

Options that cause no damage or in-balance to the body and are completely natural.

 Options such as cannabis oil.

 This oil is derived from the leaf of the female plant and offers many positive effects on cancer cells and acts also as pain relief for the patient.

 In this story I would take the approach of how alternative, organic, and cost effective medications fail to be recognized and legalized by the medical industry.

It occurred to me that the illegal substance that is cannabis is of a major controversy in the art of treatment, even though the substance itself has been used by people all over the world for hundreds of years as a herbal cure and pain reliever.

I would first take the approach of highlighting the differences between current FDA approved drugs for cancer treatment and the herbal remedy of Cannabis oil.

When the word cancer is mentioned, chemotherapy is the immediate after thought, the word is almost attached to cancer itself. Chemotherapy is a form of ‘treatment’ that includes a combination of mustard gas and other chemicals. This substance is pumped into the body at high rates to attack the cancer cells and stunt both their growth and their replication. This is a drug that causes constant and violent vomiting, pain, and collapse of the immune system.

This drug is made by man, and it is FDA approved as the most effective treatment for almost all types of cancer. A drug that according to a study done by Avalere Health, costs on average $20,000 per episode (3-4 months of treatment.) This is the most commonly offered method of treatment by the medical industry for those suffering with the disease.

Yet many are still dying, if not from the cancer itself then from another disease caught due to the in-balance within their body and the decreased function of their immune system.

In a study done by, research shows that chemotherapy and radiotherapy are main causes for low immune system and risk of infection. The study goes on to say, that infection within a cancer patient is more dangerous and has a significantly increased chance of fatal outcomes.

This method of treatment however, is continually praised by the medical industry. It’s forced upon all those who unfortunately stumble on the cancer gene. Yet Cancer Research UK suggests that only 50% of people are predicted to survive cancer for more than 10 years with these traditional treatments.

And this is the best the public is offered? A 50% chance of survival, with thousands of dollars of debt, and a drug that can cause added harm to the body?

Cannabis oil on the other hand, is a treatment many have found through their own methods, and it has proven an effective cure.

The oil is found through the cannabis (or hemp) plants themselves and is derived naturally from the leaf. The oil is known to contain 0.4% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a chemical known to stimulate appetite as well as helping with relaxation and pain relief within the body. The natural components of the oil helps to stop the progression of cancer and mutated cells.  As well as being 100% natural, cannabis oil contains no harmful chemicals and no reactors to cause vomiting or insufficient immune system. Yet this is not used or legal?

According to, the only time Cannabis oil is actually considered a threat to the body, is when it is in conjunction with chemotherapy, as it could react with the many chemicals chemotherapy puts into the blood. Or when it is “street bought” and has potential to be tampered with or synthetically altered.

Over the years the word marijuana has contracted a bad and dirty name. Besides the countless studies that prove its inability to harm the body when taken in its natural form. A street version of the drug, often laced with other harsher man-made chemicals has proven to devalue the effectiveness of the natural oil itself.

In efforts to put a sense of humanity in the story I followed the journey of Peter Mitchell a 43 year old male suffering from stage 4 secondary esophageal cancer. When first told about having cancer his initial response was to ask doctors what they could do to help him.

When an operation, and rounds of chemo were offered with promising results, there was no hesitation. However, 5 months later the operation had proven un-affective and the cancer had spread. Doctors then only had one offer, complacent chemotherapy. This is essentially multiple rounds of chemo to keep him comfortable, until the cancer took his life.

Should it be okay to offer a complacent drugs to a man still in the early stages of his adult life, with 2 young children and a wife, and leave it at that? Is it not the job of the medical field to search every possibility and opportunity before cutting their losses?

After scouring the internet for hours, wife Tracey Mitchell found articles about cannabis oil and numerous testimonials of now cancer-free people.

However “the hospital and care workers were strictly against the use of cannabis oil. In demeaning conversations they said things like ‘I know it’s your belief but it doesn’t work and he can’t take that while he’s here.”  The hospital workers offered no other mode of treatment and refused to accept the only other treatment that could be found away from the hospital.”

After months of declining health and no compliance from the medical professionals, Peter began to take the oil.

With just 1mg a day, the oil worked to subdue pain offered by both the cancer itself, the operation given to remove the cancer, and when returning for a scan on the progression the doctors said the growth was not as rapid as predicted.

Corrie Yelland, a woman from British Columbia Canada is another who took the oil, after refusing medical treatments from healthcare professionals she put her hope in a drug that was more “natural for her body”

Corrie wrote that: “In July 2011 I was diagnosed with anal cancer and was given 2-4 months to live. I watched a movie called run from the cure by Rick Simpson about cannabis oil and decided to treat my cancer with oil instead of chemo prescribed by my doctor. In September 2012 my doctor declared me cancer free.”


Although cannabis oil has yet to become FDA approved or legalized for medical purposes, the research for its healing abilities continues and many carry forward the cannabis oil and claim it to be their cure.

A scientific article from states that: Separate studies demonstrate that cannabinoids and endocannabinoids can also inhibit the proliferation of other various cancer cell lines, including breast carcinoma, prostate carcinoma, colorectal carcinoma, gastric adenocarcinoma, skin carcinoma and leukemia cells (1)

I would end the story by talking about the necessity of exploring natural drugs and herbs and talking about how the medical industry on a global scale should come to recognize the importance of trials and effective medicine’s that many are already experiencing.

We already lose enough lives to this disease. Should we really be turning a blind eye to the thousands who claim this natural oil is a cure? Do we not owe it to society, to those whom are sick and the loved ones that surround them to accept and give this treatment the attention it deserves?

If this could be a cure, then it’s time to bring it out of hiding.






Peter Mitchell, Tracey Mitchell: 07854143986, Manchester U.K

Corrie Yelland: British Columbia,


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