Lighting Up Lives

 By Demi Knight


Every Christmas the groves family creates a lights display at their home where they sync up the lights to 29 minutes of Christmas music.

The effort put forward by this family however became much more than just decorations many years ago.

After their son Caleb who is afflicted with autism became fascinated with the lights the Groves family decided to  create a bigger ‘display’ and open it up to the public.

They did this in hopes of raising both awareness and donations  for the autism society, while aiming to bring a little light into the lives of those who suffer.

“Our son Caleb has autism and he’s fascinated with the Christmas lights there’s just something about flashing Christmas lights that really tweaks with children with autism so we thought it would be a great cause.”  Scott Groves, operator of the lights display said.

This is the 6th year that the lights display has been held, with new lights and music being added each time.

Fellow owner of home and mother to Caleb Nancy Groves, thinks the lights have been a good source of escape for  children with autism, saying there’s been numerous people reach out and tell her about the positive effects their   display has had on both their children their own lives.

Many cars drive by and tune in to 106.1 to watch the lights as they dance to the music throughout the chilling nights of december, spreading awareness and donations for a great cause in the process.

Thanks to this lights display the groves family have been able to raise and donate over $6,000 for the autism society here in Lethbridge.

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