Flying High

By, Demi Knight


Lethbridge College is taking its students education to new heights.

Unmanned Ariel vehicle’s could be seen flying high this friday around the College campus.

These UAV’s otherwise known as Drone’s, work to assist geomatic companies in collecting Ariel imagery for more efficient work as well as determining crop health and soil moisture within the agriculture industry.

Field Technician at Venus geomatics Zac Kotke said the drone was brought to the college in order to teach students about the importance of this new technology in the geomatic field.

“Basically this is the future of geomatics and we’re showing the students what they’re possibly going to be doing in industry in the years to come”

There was however another reason students had the opportunity to get up close and personal with this new technology.

Gemoatic Engineering students were able to assist workers of Venus Geomatics in a new project which included positioning point clouds around the coulees in order to collect elevation data for a new culvert.

Students not only got to prepare the points of flight but they also go to watch the magic happen, being the first class at Lethbridge College to experience the drone in action.

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