Is Social Media Murdering Monogamy?

When the world of online dating, stalking profiles and revealing pictures of the opposite sex arrived at our fingertips, the existence of person to person interactions seemed to take a serious nose dive.

Although our relationships continued on, the constant distractions that social media offers us on a multitude of platforms stops our bonds from ever really flourishing. The end result?

Broken partnerships and cheating of the body, mind and soul.

While I truly believe in monogamy and all its sacred solitude, it seems the generation overtaken by technology not only have trouble exercising the action but believing the word can be anything more than a wonderfully under-practiced myth.

Take my own relationship as an example. I spent over 3 years of my youth dedicated to a man that would inevitably break my heart with an unoriginal cheating scandal.

And I know what you’re thinking, that cheating is no new phenomenon and it’s the lying pig headed members of the opposite sex struggling to keep the party in their pants a solo act that’s murdering monogamy. In fact the base for cheating started many years ago with the progression of porn, dating apps and websites allocated specifically for those in relationships, however as our horizons grew and we as a society were pulled further and further into the entrapments of an internet that new no limits it seems social media has played a part in the breaking up of many budding romances in its wake.

However as time moves on so does the internet’s involvement with the public, take It from a person living in a sparsely populated city, you can’t go anywhere without recognizing someone that you may or may not have swiped left to.

The catch?

Many of them are already involved and had ever so conveniently ‘forgot to delete their profile’ or maybe they’re keeping it just in case things don’t work out. Either way the temptation is ever-present. If you add into the mix the lack of respect men and women have alike for people already sporting a significant other, it seems we’re left with nothing but a recipe for disaster.

And while I’d like to say that the infidelity stops there, we might as well get brutally honest and dive into the thick of it here because it isn’t just online dating or watching porn that’s dividing us in our personal lives.

Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and all other mediums people hold accounts on all just add to the already tangled web.

The amount of times a friend has approached me with concerns of half-dressed girls sending snaps to their boyfriends. Or their partners search bar being crippled with the names of a dozen members of the opposite sex (whom all seem to be well groomed and atrociously attractive) seems to grow with every passing day.

While many say they still hold the belief’s that nothing really compares to an emotional face to face attraction the enticement of something ‘better’ with only the touch of a screen proves too much for many to pass up on.

It appears that the art of wanting what you can’t have has made society a lot greedier with its new technological advances.

To add a personal touch to the many idea’s flowing free within this article; I went out last week with a few friends, eager to drink away my problems and maybe flirt with a few drunk guys if I’m feeling frisky. However my good mood was soon dashed when my gal pals refused to put down their phones and uphold a general conversation.

Instead they muttered between themselves about guys they had met online and how their boyfriend snapchats other girls way too much and likes their ‘half naked selfie’s’ on a too frequent basis. All the while showing each other profiles of people they had never even met.

It was then that it finally occurred to me that this new era we’re living in has been ultimately corrupted by the doings of online adultery.

Whether it be by physically acting on one’s lust for an online personality or just coveting something hotter while you lay in bed at night with your unknowing partner. The art of being a ‘we’ tends to involve a lot more than the original ‘me’ and ‘you’ in the ever evolving world that is the internet.

How bringing the world to our fingertips has made us want what we can’t have, ignore what’s already in front of us and become the worst versions of ourselves in the process.

While monogamy has never and will never be an absolute, if the trend of social media continues to influence us on this scale; Monogamy may just become a distant memory. An old tradition upheld only by those not ‘cool’ enough to get on board with the revolution of our new and greedy, self-righteous and destructively curious society.


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