Invisible Man

I am an invisible man,

I am my own free spirit,

I am impossible to see beyond the millions of people whom are just like myself.

I am cold when winter breaks,

Ice runs through my blood, tears into my soul, and freezes my heart.

I am warm in the sun’s rays,

Heat flushes my cheeks, crawls under my skin, and warms me to my core.

I am an invisible man with visible dreams and plausible thoughts.

I ask questions of the universe, fall to the ground on hands and knees.

I am weak before all the forces that my small brain cannot comprehend.

Yet I am the same as many great men with the knowledge to power nations.

I am smaller than words and insignificant beyond my years,

Yet I hold the purpose of a hundred lives in my bare hands.

I am an invisible man to more than I would hope but I am the centre to someone’s soul.

I have dreams and goals, I have inexplicable thoughts and enough emotions to make a city weep.

I am human and you may not now me, you may never know me; but I am just like you.

My mind is my own, my heart pumps blood, my words cut like blades on soft pillowy skin.

I am free,

An open soul in an overcrowded world.

I am extravagant and magnificent and a beautiful piece of the puzzle.

I am somebody and there is a piece of me within everybody.

And yet I am, and will forever remain to be,

An invisible man.


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