Humans are Just Humans

Humans Are Just Humans,

And love is not human..


What happened between then and now?

What happened to the I love you’s and the compliments?

And when did they turn into fights and you leaving?

Was there a middle to this story?

Of course there was, there’s always a middle.

But how was yours so different from mine?

It’s scary to think that you don’t feel that way anymore, that you could stop feeling such strong emotions so suddenly.

When did the small things that you said you loved turn into the demons that you now hate?

When did you decide I wasn’t worth it?

That I don’t matter anymore?

I ask because I don’t understand, I ask because I’m trying to fit the pieces together but they’re not the right shapes.

I ask because something happened, because you changed and you didn’t want me around for the transition.

I ask not because I miss you, or us. But because I don’t understand this thing they call love.

I don’t understand how it can be called the most powerful bonding emotion in the world and yet it can stop dead.

Just like that.

Like it never even existed.

Like it wasn’t a life changing journey of accepting another’s soul to make a home within your own. But instead like it was a pair of shoes that didn’t quite fit right.

I guess I don’t understand how for me it was everything, earth shattering and all-consuming and for you it was just a few years of experience, a simple experiment.

But maybe it does hurt.

Maybe it feels the same and you don’t show it.

Maybe it eats you alive at night when you think that no one is watching.

Maybe it hurts and honestly I hope that it does.

Or maybe, just maybe love is not what we think it is.

Maybe none of us understand, maybe we’re all temporarily fooled by our emotions and the spell wears off faster on some than others.

Maybe we’re all the punchline in this joke they call love.

Maybe we all get lost, make mistakes and fall out of it as quick as we fell in.

Maybe you don’t understand it as much as I and the question of what happened between then and now is the same question that haunts you.

And maybe I should be saying ‘damn you love’

Because you fooled me and him and everyone in this godforsaken world. Because you pulled us all in with your success stories and heartfelt analogies.

And because believing in you, hoping you were real was our only true mistake;

And our greatest downfall as a civilization.

So well played love,

Fool me once,

But I know better now.


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