About Me..

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Hello there, my name is

Demi Knight.

I’m originally from Manchester in England and moved here when I was 15 with my family.

My motto in life is to experience as much as you can as young as you can. I believe that every day should be embraced and that you should throw yourself into every opportunity possible as you never know where it might lead you.

I am extremely passionate and when I put my mind to a task, I don’t give up until I see results. I love working with other people and being social. Learning new things about the world and those around me is something I never tire of and I hope to have the chance to continue to grow as a person through the many experiences life has to offer.

I have loved to write from a very young age and soon after graduating high school I found the Broadcast Journalism program at Lethbridge College where I have learnt how to develop and broaden my skills.

This program has not only taught me to appreciate the intricacy of the business, but it has also taught me a lot about myself.

I have found myself taking a deep interest in news, with anchoring and reporting as well as on air news for radio.

My aim in life is to change the world. I know that sounds like an unrealistic goal but I believe it’s completley managable through journalism. I believe words have unimaginable powers, the power to change lives. Moreover I believe reporting and writing about events, people and social issue’s is one of the most influential things a person can do, especially in this new era that is overpowered by the workings of social media.

 In my journey with journalism I hope to discover stories about people that others haven’t yet found. I truly believe that everyone has an interesting story to tell, a story that could impact others and I would like to be a part of telling it.

I have strong opinions on many world issue’s such as the environment, wildlife, political and social issue’s and more. I also have a need to tell others information that is often overlooked, that is why journalism has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.

Being on air, whether it be radio or television has given me a confidence that I wasn’t before aware of. Alongside of this I love to edit my stories and play with the production of my radio pieces as It allows me to show off my creative side and learn new things with each encounter.

During my time within the Broadcast Journalism program I have anchored 8 times for the College’s newscasts which aired on both Shaw and CTV, as well as hosted 2 of my own 1 hour radio shows. I have produced 20 news stories that have aired within each newscast and worked at writing for the Expressions newspaper at Lethbridge College.

Along the way I co-hosted an event for the College called Collide-O-scope, interviewed numerous faculty members as well as members of the public and wrote and performed daily 5 minute radio news shifts. I completed my diploma in April, placing for a practicum at CTV Lethbridge and earning a scholarship at the end of my Diploma for Best Broadcast Performance.

 Journalism has not only become a dream job for myself but it has in the process taught me how to become a harder working, more well rounded person in every aspect of my life.






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