A Chilling Challenge

By, Demi Knight



Firefighters took a chilling dip this afternoon, feeling their way through the frozen waters at Henderson Lake.

In order to practice the most effective ice rescue techniques members of the Fire department waded waist high in frozen lake water. This demonstration aimed to both educate and refresh all members of the fire department on the importance of ice safety at this time of year.

Firefighter Mark stegmeier believes the demonstration is necessary in equipping all members of the EMS in the skills necessary to save a person’s live.

 “We do this so that in real life when someone actually does fall through the ice we’re prepared and we can get to them as quick as possible and get them out faster. It’s something we want to be very careful about as Ice is always unsafe and always unpredictable.” he said

This demonstration however is not just for the fire department. Paramedic firefighter Drew Ginther said the demonstration is important to the public as well as it offers a more detailed knowledge on ice safety.

“People need to know that no ice is safe ice, It doesnt matter who is out there or how thick or cold you might think it is, it’s never safe, and if the public remembered that, not only for themselves but for their pets as well, then we would have a lot safer winters.”

He added that the public should know the conditions and durability of ice can change within 20 minutes taking it from frozen to liquid form faster than a game of hockey or walk across the lake might permit.


The Lethbridge fire department does this demonstration once a year when the winter weather peaks and the snow falls heavy on the ground to refresh and update all members on the importance of effective ice rescue methods in the colder months.

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